Rest In Space (English)

Rest In Space (English)

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The space is fascinating

As long as the humans have been inhabiting earth there has been something interesting, mystical and magic with the outer space. And most people have at some point fantasised about travelling there

Releasing the ash in space

Rest in Space image1Rest in Space is another step for humans to fullfil their dreams in reaching space. Currently, Fenix are in discussion with potential suppliers regarding the technical solution, We aim to launch the concept during 2018.

Height of 150 ash release

“There is something romantic about the idea to that everything created on earth was made out of star dust and will yet again become star dust.”

How it works

1Plan and order

Contact us to order and plan a “Rest-in-space” funeral.

2Cremate and wait

After the death of a loved one the cremation typically takes plan in days or weeks. The launch of the rocket will take place within one year of the cremation.

3Count down and launch

The ash is transported to the site of the launch site. The family off the deseased can participate during the launch. The rocket will be launched up until a height of 150 km. The distance takes about 3 min. This will be the final resting place.

Rest in Space image2

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If you are interested in a funeral according to “Rest in Space”, please contact our customer service on 020-82 82 82. For press related questions, please contact Charlotte Runius on 0708-28 36 38.

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