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3 i snittbetyg (5 st)
colin shepheard, 2019-04-05

"Great emergency service, ambulance, nurses and fab doctor - acutally saved my life after being minutes away from a ruptured bladder. Great care overnight much better than Uddevalla, BUT ......Next day I was to be sent home by bus, no taxi allowed despte beign in pain could hardly walk and had wet clothes, a bag and surgical stuff to carry whilst hanging on to the catheter bag around my ankle, wearing only indoor shoes and with no coat. To get home I was expected to catch 3 different buses and then wall 10 kms down a dirt track to my farm or then get a taxi myself from somewhere in the middle of nowhere for the last bit of the journey. So I would have to ask the bus driver to stop for me to empty the catheter bag, if there was another problem the bus driver would have to call an ambulance. I would wait out in the open for hours between buses cold and very unwell. This was impossible but because they wouldn't allow me a taxi my wife who is not allowed to drive because of her bad eyesight had to do just that - breaking the law! She drove 90 kms very slowly following the white line and the same back again. Beware the Hilter nurse in charge of travel at Arvika because if you dont live in the town you are finished."

MARCO, 2016-06-25


Solveig Pettersson, 2018-02-23

"Jag var kallad till avd 78 7.30. När jag kommer fram är dörren till entrén låst, jag skulle läggas in för att få en ny höftled, det var kallt ute och taxichauffören stack snabbt. Via akutintaget tog jag mej in med möda. Det här hade jag nästan glömt för mottagande senare av all personal överträffar allt. Änglar Tack"

Katharina Nilzon, 2018-08-20

"Personal m, hög Kompetens & tolerans. . 😊"

Berit Anderss, 2018-08-31

"Jate bra tycker jag"

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