Lunds domkyrka

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Kyrkogatan 6


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När du ska ordna en vacker kyrklig begravning i Lund så är Lunds domkyrka ett möjligt val. Lunds domkyrka tillhör Lunds domkyrkoförsamling, ingår i Lunds pastorat som ligger i Lunds kommun.


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4.6 i snittbetyg (5 st)
Jin's windshield laugh, 2019-04-29

"The Dome in Lund, several churches in one. Here you find the sacred, the historical and the peaceful. If you can, take use of the brilliant guides. Otherwise, stroll on your own using a booklet or digital guides. Don't miss out the astronomical clock that turns and chimes twice a day, noon and 3 pm. There is mass or prayers every day. Daily free access!"

Ann Abdelzaher, 2019-03-18

"Cute little spot to view the astronomical clock which plays at noon and 3 PM and to view the crypt with it go as its frozen for all time to the pillars. Not as elaborate as some other churches of the same era but the a quaint addition to z quaint town."

Wilnil, 2019-04-16

"Beautiful cathedral with interesting history. If you can plan your visit to be when the the astronomical clock chimes, do it! It chimes at 12 and 15 at weekdays, 13 and 15 on Sundays."

Greger Wikstrand, 2019-05-01

"This is a medieval cathedral with all that comes with that. It's both a tourist destination and a house of worship. It has an astronomical time piece."

MI jalbuena, 2019-03-24

"A sound of a bell dings all over Lund, I like the smell of the church like very earthly. an echoed sings of a choir is like an angel songs in my ear. I attended mass about 3 times even without knowing the language. once you enter the big door of a church they are kindly give you a book of Psalm and you need to return after using it. Inside, I notice a kids corner, astronomical clock , old pianos , hanging antiques from centuries. I love being here."


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