4.7 i snittbetyg (5 st)
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Adress: Domkyrkoplan
753 10
Byggnadsår: Okänt

För många anhöriga som ordnar en begravning enligt Svenska kyrkans ordning i så är Domkyrkan ett möjligt val. Domkyrkan tillhör Uppsala domkyrkoförsamling, ingår i Uppsala pastorat som ligger i Uppsala kommun.


Omdömen från Google

4.7 i snittbetyg (5 st)
Vasileios Papathanasiou, 2019-05-09

"Lovely place one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Its goth style and massive size in combination with the river crossing the beautiful town is not something you can describe with words!"

Imperial Rebel, 2019-05-09

"When I travel I always visit the greatest temple of the City or if it is posibpos the greatest temple of the country. The church has a great history since it United the people of Uppsala when it was made. Amazing architecture and the tallest church in Sweden. A must see if you visit the country."

Adélaïde, 2019-05-07

"Really beautiful cathedral with a lot of history to tell and beauty inside and out! Especially beautiful at the sunrise or sunset 😍"

Hiwa KOYI, 2019-02-20

"Very nice to visit and majestically big. U really can sit down and enjoy the moment. I recommend. Take some photos"

Zaven Ayvazyan, 2019-05-02

"Fantastic place. Even for 10 minutes, just sit on a bench, listen to the organ playing and stare at the ceiling and the stained-glass windows."

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