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Wael Ahmed, 2018-10-01

"It is well known that there is a big shortage in the experienced medical staff in Sweden, so this hospital is not an exception. Moreover, they lack some basics to support patients. My wife suffered a lot during/after the labor delivery of our child. It was a miracle that we came out alive!"

Jil Protzmann, 2019-01-15

"Worst hospital! If you have the chance to go to any other hospital in Stockholm - do it! I came involuntarily into the hospital because of a complicated ankle fracture that accidentally happened close to this hospital. The acute treatment was good, but the postoperative care was the worst! No doctor showed me X-ray pictures of my foot or explained me what I actually had, how sever it was or took the time to explain me the implications of my fracture for the upcoming weeks and months. I had to look up my diagnosis in the online health journal and google my fracture. The casts which were made in the hospital were the absolute worst! The plasterer literally said that I’m the last patient for today and that he wants to get home quickly. The result was a cast which was so tight, the outer part of my foot started to turn red and blue and was hurting so much I had to go back to the emergency department in the middle of the night to get the cast changed. The cast which was done in the emergency department proved none the better. It’s too tight right above the wounds which causes constant pressure and pain in the wounds and I highly doubt that this facilitates optimal healing. I’ve been there twice since the ‚emergency’ cast was done, first time they’ve sent me home because they did not have the time to take care of me, the second time the nurses and doctors were treating me like a bothersome, hysterical hypochondriac. The cast is still there, still too tight, still hurting and I’m wondering if I should go there again, give it a third try or if it will just get worst. Apropos going there. I live an hour away from the hospital and I do not have a car. But Danderyds hospital and the attending doctors expected me to use the public transport with a broken ankle to get there (1 km walk on crutches to the train station, pendeltåg, change at t centralen to t-bana, walk from t-bana station to hospital - and all the way back again!). When I tried to go to a different hospital which is much closer to where I live, the nurses there explained me that unfortunately I could not change the hospital, but I could get a blue card for cheaper sjukresor by taxi - which they gave me immediately, without me being a patient there! But sadly that’s nothing a doctor from Danderyds would ever offer you. Generally, I completely lost trust in the doctors, nurses and plasterers there. I’m only hoping that the ill-treatment will not cause long term damage to my foot. I’d advice anyone to look for alternative treatment options."

Quan Mai, 2018-12-01

"Terrible waiting time. I had to wait for 4.5 hours, soon 5, for something that can be done in 5 minutes. It is so broken but the nurses here do not seem to care. Unfortunately with Karolinska Solna not taking patients if they don't come on an ambulance, this is going to our only option for non critical emergency. Too bad."

Farah Ychoo, 2018-11-18

"trash service..waiting more than 7 hours and no doctor came to us, i talked to them many times but they dont care !..at the end i went home without taking a treatment they didnt even tried to help us !..i dont recommend it !"

Gaurav Jain, 2019-03-02

"Worst service. For them, Patients are like Animals. Keep them waited more than 8-10 hours. Never go there."


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