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3.8 i snittbetyg (5 st)
Jacques Frinchaboy, 2018-06-05

"I have had to have several long stays at Harborview medical center in Seattle Washington. That is my reference point so far as hospital facilities are concerned. I find this facility to be ultra modern and very clean inside as well as outside. The staff are very pleasant and helpful and not speaking Swedish was not a problem. Everyone speaks English, as you would find almost any where you go in Sweden. I am very impressed by this hospital, if the quality of care is of the same standards as building and facility operations, this is the place to be if you need medical care in Göteborg."

shima shima, 2018-07-19

"Worse hospital in Sweden. I have visited more than ten doctors there and just one of them was good and know what he's doing. Most of the nurse really don't know what are they doing even they failed to give a time, she gave me time and I have been there and waiting for more than one hour when I camplain she said it's not your time now and then I have to show her handwriting that my time was one hour ago. This story happened to me two times"

Sanjin Maras, 2018-08-23

"I was 4 days in the hospital and this is the best hospital in the world...very profesional...i have no bed word for them"

Elin Ouchterlony, 2016-06-17

"Most of the personnel are caring, professional and love what they do. They are also open-minded. Please remember, medicine for the greater part isn't an exact science. For this alone, my rating is five stars. Other, read occasional, departments could definitely improve. The management higher up could do better and care more for their employees but that's what's wrong with healthcare in Sweden as well."

Olivia Mossberg, 2017-06-17

"Lies about their opening hours. I'm sure they're somewhat good if you actually get there, but they lie about their opening hours. Update: I got in touch with the reception desk and the gave me the real opening hours to the clinic I needed contact with, but they lied too."


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