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3.9 i snittbetyg (5 st)
ShαЯp, 2018-10-07

"One of the worst hospitals I have ever been to. For a foreigner it’s extremely hard to figure out where you need to go since there is no reception on the entrance. I have been here twice with my child for an emergency and both times it took hours until a doctor would even have a look. The staff also wasn’t very friendly. It felt in general like there was only two or three doctors working in the entire hospital. Very frustrating!"

Nguyen Sai, 2018-05-11

"Healthcare provider: Umeå University Hospital is the largest hospital in the northern health region in Sweden, with 5600 employees. The hospital is responsible for highly specialized care and service to an area covering more than half of Sweden. The care and treatment provided are of high quality and the hospital has for several years been top ranked as one of the best university hospital in Sweden. It is also responsible for the National Specialised Medical Care of brachial plexus injuries and has the medical responsibility for the Swedish National Air Medevac, SNAM, and have operational responsibility for the Swedish air ambulance. Extensive research and teaching is conducted in close collaboration with Umeå University. In order to further develop top class regional care, the County Council has appointed six profile areas: Cardiovascular genetics Airborne intensive transport Neonatal intensive care Stereotactic functional neurosurgery Radiotherapy Treatment of brachialplexus injuries. Centre for rare and complex heart diseases: The Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics (CCG) at Umeå University Hospital conducts investigations and treatments for patients and families with monogenic cardiovascular diseases. The Centre is the result of a close collaboration between the department of Pediatrics , the Heart Centre, Department of internal medicine and Clinical genetics. CCG provides expertise in the assessment of different disease phenotypes, as well as genetic analysis and evaluation. CCG receive patient referrals from all parts of Sweden, and in particular, genetic samples are sent from all parts of Sweden. The Centre, represented by Stellan Mörner, has been invited by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to provide expert knowledge in the Board’s work on Swedish national guidelines for cardiac care, resulting in high priorities concerning investigation of patients and families with monogenic cardiovascular disease. The department of Clinical Genetics offers complete genetic analysis, with massive parallel sequencing technology (NGS) in clinical routine."

Jen Haddad, 2015-03-16


Haidar Al-Rahimy, 2018-09-01

"Jag kan bara säga gott om sjukhuset! Jag låg inne på för operation i 4 dygn, fantastisk personal (ingen nämnd ingen glömd). Ett underbart omhändertagande på alla plan. En stjärna till var och en."

Kjell Torkelson, 2018-10-15

"var ligger västra entrén Kommer till södra entrén när man söker"


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